Neatline: Pop up window

How do I create a pop up window, that shows up when you open the Neatline site, such as the one in this exhibit


It looks a custom Neatline theme that renders a React ( modal when the application loads. This is not built-in functionality in the plugin, but it should be able to implement something like this with a modal library (I like Twitter's Bootstrap) and displaying when the page loads (e.g. $(document.ready(function{//modal display code});).

Can someone explain how I would integrate a modal library with my Neatline exhibit?

Neatline doesn't do this out of the box; you would need to implement a custom theme using a third-party modal library. Because of how each modal library works, there's no one way to implement a modal library, it really depends more on how the individual library works. I would find one that has documentation that makes sense, then build the theme around it to make it do what you want.

Here are a few that I've used in the past (not with Neatline though):


Were you unsuccessful in getting a modal theme running that you commented on in other tickets?


Hi Wayne,

I am not sure what you mean by "Were you unsuccessful in getting a modal theme running that you commented on in other tickets?"
I don't believe I have commented on modal theme in any other tickets, unless I don't understand what modal theme is.

Lightbox is a modal library:

ohh yes, I got this working but I don't know how to add another modal library so it would't break my lightbox

I would advise against having three modals open at one time as a general UX pattern. If there is more in-depth content you are trying to express, NeatlineText with a narrative might be an option. When you start opening up tangental content, it really takes the user's attention away from the primary content and prevents them from being immersed the the primary argument you're making. It also gets a bit unwieldy to effectively manage state and events in the codebase. There may be other, easier to implement and maintain, methods of presenting the information you want to without implementing yet another modal system.


I am not intending to have any of them open at the same time. All I want is 1 window to open when the user opens the page so they can read instructions and disclaimer before they proceed with using the exhibit, once they read it they close it and that's it. I do not want to use NeatlineText as I am using that for the actual content.

You can look at David's custom theme for that exhibit at Specifically the tutorial view at

OK, I looked at David's custom theme but it doesn't help me. I am using a custom theme and I am using Ligthbox with it, but how do I add another modal library? Any help would be great.
Thank you!