plugins page with views, models, libraries, controllers entries

After upgrading from 1.5.3 to omeka 2, the selection page for plugins from the admin module has 4 separate entries with the names "views," "models," etc. Beneath each there is a caption saying the item is not a plugin .. and the name is not enabled as a link for selection.

I'm don't want to upgrade any plugins or do anymore set up until I find out if this indicates a problem with our installation. Does anyone have a suggestion why these entries have appeared?

Kinda guessing, but that sounds like the plugins you had were moved to the wrong place, and/or that there are plugins there that are not compatible with Omeka 2.0.

Double-check that under the plugins folder there are individual folders for your plugins (COinS, SimplePages, etc)

OK. The address for the plugins is at host/directory/admin/plugins

Before we updating I disabled everything ... All the plugins appear on this page (40 or so); three have messages to update including Exhibit Builder. Some of the plugins I didn't install in the last version.

I'm not sure if it makes a difference if the name of the plugin is in orange or black. The plugins are in the right directory.

There are also models, views etc directories in the plugin directories. The controllers directory has the 'IndexController.php' ... which is also in the 'applications/controllers' directory. Yikes.

Two questions to do with plugins after version upgrade
1. Having trouble uninstalling (from the Plugins page) 4 plugins. Can I delete them from the directory without causing problems? They were never activated.
2. What is the best way to upgrade ExhibitBuilder? I see an "Upgrade" option on the plugins page. Was the new plugin installed with the Omeka version upgrade? Where is the "Upgrade" coming from?

1. You can delete those from the directory if you want, but if they were previously installed, Omeka will keep them on the plugins page (and carp about the plugin not being found or being invalid). They're probably just plugins that aren't updated for 2.0 (so their uninstall code no longer runs). Would you care to share the names of the problematic plugins?

2. Exhibit Builder's files can be manually updated like any other plugin, but new Omeka releases also come bundled with Exhibit Builder, and will often bundle Exhibit Builder updates. I'd first make sure you've got the most recent Exhibit Builder version (2.0.2), then go ahead and click Upgrade.

Thanks. I have version 2.0.1 installed. Hate to be a pest on this, but should I just move the new version into the directory ... then click upgrade or what?

The problems were with Geolocation, Neatline, NeatlineFeatures, PDF Search and Zoomit.

For a plugin, you can just delete the old ExhibitBuilder directory and drop in the new one from the zip.

Then click Upgrade in the admin interface. That's what updates the database tables for the plugin and re-activates it.


I removed all the plugins that were not 2 compliant and followed your instructions for Exhibit Builder (worked). The CsvImport was not removed. When I activated it ... the entire site changed to a blank screen ... down totally. If we can get it back up ... what to do about CsvImport? Should I removed everything and reinstall?

So, you had this problem when you went to activate CsvImport? Was this still an old version of CsvImport?

If that's the case, you can basically just do what you did for Exhibit Builder, get the new, 2.0-compatible CsvImport plugin from, then just replace your current CsvImport folder with the new one.

Omeka will automatically see that you've replaced the plugin with a newer version, temporarily deactivate it, and prompt you to upgrade it.

My understanding was that this particular plugin was updated when we updated to 2, and that I only needed to reactivate. What plugins would I not worry about now? Coins? Dropbox? ItemRelations?

Only Exhibit Builder, Simple Pages and Coins come with an Omeka package.

For mostly any plugin, an old 1.x version of it won't work, and you'll get similar results (a white screen). You want to make sure you have a 2.0 compatible version.

OK. Up again .. but left with six or so plugins that have been deleted but are there with this is not a 'valid plugin' ... 1. anyway to get rid of that? 2. will I be able to install the 2 version successfully?

Thanks, Lyn

One more question. My exhibit is based on Berlin. It looks like I will have to start over again as it doesn't display now. Will I be bringing the same files over from ExhibitBuilder to customize? item, show, summary?


That sounds like the invalid plugins are the ones that haven't yet been updated for 2.x. Until we have updated plugins, that message will still be there. Once updated plugins are available, they should install and update just fine.

For the Berlin theme, the version of Omeka we just released yesterday now includes that theme bundled with the update. If you upgrade Omeka to 2.0.2, that should make the exhibits work again.