Plugins page display enhancement request

Would it be possible to add the date of the most recent version of each plugin to the list at ? Currently, only the version number and license is listed.

I want to keep my plugins updated, but that generally means that I have to click into each one to see the date, or make a list of currently-installed versions and compare them. It would be much faster if I could just scan down the page and check the dates.

Thanks so much for your work on this project - it enables very small organizations with very tight budgets to do some great things!

We've talked about and want to build something similar to that. Currently, Omeka core produces a notification when there's a new version available, but we haven't expanded that out to all the plugins. It would probably make most sense to have a way to check against the latest release version either on or on github, rather than trying to record the release date within each plugin's .ini file directly. Can't be sure when/if such a feature could be anticipated right now, though.

Thanks for the speedy response! I had hoped that adding the date might be a 'quick and dirty' process.

I have secretly longed for plugin update notification, so it is very nice to know that you are thinking about that, too!

As for just the plugins directory, the answer is yes, we can add dates there.

Thanks, John. I did misread the original post!

Wow. You guys are great!