Plugins mentioned but not found.

I have seen several plugins mentioned on the Codex but not found them in the listing of plugins.

the two I am interested in are TagBandit and IntenseDebate. Where can I download these?

Also When I click on "all plugins" and it takes me here: but this is not a list of all the plugins on Am I correct to assume that this is just a list of plugins which are compatible with the current version of the Omeka?

Those plugins, along with some others, are not currently in active development and so they are not listed on our plugins page, or in our github account.

The are still available in our deprecated svn repository:

Thanks for the pointer to the svn. That is a lot of plugins.

Just out of curiosity, it looks like the plugin page on this site is run off of a WP instance... do you use

It is a pretty cool plugin that allows for the parsing of Wordpress plugin Readme.txt files and I think it allows for display of when the last commit was and allows for users of the plugin to say if it works with the current version of WP... I am pretty sure that this could work just as well with omeka plugins. if they also had a Readme.txt file with a syntax that was the same as the readme syntax in WP plugins. The syntax of the README.txt files is quite like wiki syntax, and there is a parser out there already for it.

Thanks for the link. We're doing something similar, actually, in that that section of is run on WordPress. Because of the different structure of Omeka plugin .ini files (where all the data is), we had to roll our own plugin. But that does help us to see what features we might want to add to it in the future.