Plugins for 1.5

Hello, I am new to Omeka. I'd like to use the latest version 1.5, however do all of the previous plugins (such as Docs Viewer) work with the latest version of Omeka?

To the best of my knowledge, all the plugins we list on our plugins page should work with 1.5. That said, since 1.5 was released fairly recently it is possible that there could be bugs we haven't uncovered in our testing.

Is there a version that you would consider a "stable" that works with all plugins?

I'd call 1.5 the most stable, and most likely to work with the plugins we list on our page. Is there a particular plugin or functionality that you need to make sure is in place?

I have already installed both Docs viewer and They seem to work fine so far. We may use other plugins as well.

I have a question about Docs Viewer: It seems to open automatically for tiff files. Suppose I'd like to use for images (in this case tiffs) and Docs Viewer for .pdf files (but not images). Is there a way to prevent the Docs viewer from opening on pages with tiffs?

Thanks very much

Short of modifying the plugin code, no. We usually don't recommend making changes to the code, but if you must, open DocsViewer/plugin.php and comment out (precede the line with "//") the following line:

// 'tif', 'tiff', // Tagged Image File Format

Dear Forum, would anybody please share the list of plugins that come pre-packaged with v. 1.5? Thank you in advance, ns

1.5 comes prepackaged with the same plugins that the last several versions have:

Coins, Exhibit Builder, and Simple Pages.

Thank you, John!