Plugins don't work

I recently installed the last version 2.0.3 but when i try to install Contribution, Item Order or My Omeka plugins the software show a white page on the screen and I have to go to the plugins folder and delete the above plugins in order to work again. is it a matter of compatibility or something else.
Thank you

Had the same problem.... What I can tell you is that only SOME of the plugins are 2.* compatible. Now, the tricky part is that not all of the plugins that are listed as 2.0 compatible actually ARE 2.0 compatible. You have to go through trial and error with them.

Contribution and Item Order haven't been updated for 2.0 yet, but they are close to being ready.

We have tagged plugins with the 2.0 Category in the plugin directory.

If some of those are not compatible with 2.0, we would like to know which ones you're having trouble with.

SimplePages and SocialBookmarking gave us the exact same issue that Sotiris had. Right now they are sitting on my plugins page saying "This is not a valid plugin."

Simple Pages is definitely 2.0 compatible: it's bundled with Omeka. Social Bookmarking is as well. Obviously for both it's the most recent version of the plugin you want.

Sometimes "this is not a valid plugin" means the permissions for the plugin folder are off and Omeka can't read it, or that it accidentally got unzipped in the wrong place, like one folder too deep.

Thanks for your help. I guess I'll have to wait until the plugins will be updated for version 2. Contribution is a very important plugin since is the only way to collect items from your members.