Plugin Suggestion: Item Counter


It might be cool/useful to see a counter that displays # of items in the archive, either on the homepage or a collection.

I am wondering if it is possible to develop a plugin/widget to display the # of items in Omeka's database somewhere on the site (for example as an on/off toggle in the footer, as well as a chunk of code that can be automatically generated and copy/pasted into a custom page (such as a page created with Simple Pages plugin) or a field (like a shortcode that can be dropped into a collection description box). That way returning or new visitors could get a quick sense about the volume of content stored in the archive. (Similar to when libaries often mention that they have an X million books.)

(I did a quick search and didn't see this mentioned earlier; pardon for any overlap.)

Thoughts? Or suggestions for a quick (and simple!) hack? (at a level of a casual/non-techie user...)

Thanks in advance.

The basics would be pretty easy. This function would get the count:

function count_items($collection = null)
    if($collection) {
	if(is_numeric($collection)) {
	    $collectionId = $collection;
	} else {
	    $collectionId = $collection->id;
	$count = get_db()->getTable('Item')->count(array('collection'=>$collectionId));
    } else {
        $count = get_db()->getTable('Item')->count();
    return $count;

A simple plugin could make use of any of a number of hooks we have available to add content to a page.

This would be a great first plugin for someone learning Omeka to try. See our best practices to get started

Thanks! Not sure I am up for plugin making, this may be handled more effectively by someone who knows what they are doing. I am probably somewhere at the level where I need to be told pretty explicitly: "copy this function, now paste it HERE in file named xyz.php, now update this other page like this to call the function, now re-ftp it and see if anything shows up."

But I will tinker with the function and see if I can get it to show up. If there are Omeka installs out there that put this in place, please share a link and what else might be helpful to know to get it to work!


If you're just looking to show the total number of items in your Omeka database, Omeka already has a function for that: total_items. We use it on the admin-side dashboard, but you could use it on your public theme, too.

<?php echo total_items(); ?>

That's exactly what I needed! And I've just discovered the Functions page ;) Thanks.