Plugin for ArcGIS or comparable?

Is there, or is anyone planning, a plug-in for Neatline/Omeka that can handle data from ArcGIS (beyond simple map images)? I know there's one for Geoserver, but having a comparable one for ArcGIS shapefiles or other geographically coded data files ArcGIS can generate (address lists for instance) would make things immensely easier for a project I'm involved in.

Thanks for your help...

Greetings, We are planning to develop an Omeka plugin to handle ArcGIS data and/or ArcGIS map app as an alternative to the Geo map plugin. Feel free to contact me. We are just in the 'project scope' stages at this point.

Sounds great, thanks! Please ask in the forums or on the dev list if we can give any guidance.

Thank you!

That does sound great rootl. Not sure how I might get in touch with you though. But you can find my email here...