Plugin Development Documentation

Hi all, I'm trying to jump into plugin development but have found much of the documentation lacking, particularly the controller/router/views bit [*], which seems to assume a degree of knowledge (e.g. about Zend) that I for one do not possess. I know it's not necessarily the Omeka team's job to teach basic programming but I wonder if the documentation might benefit from some additional use cases, explanations, and external resources. If anyone out there has the chops to flesh out some of the plugin documentation, it would be much appreciated and I'm sure would yield some long-term benefits for the project and community.

Thanks -- Erin



Thanks, that is a very good suggestion. We're actually in the middle of revamping lots of how our documentation is organised (see ), and I think that something like that would be good for both an advanced Getting Started Guide, and as a Recipe or two. I'm imagining the Getting Started Guides so far as general tutorials, and the Recipes as deriving from actual implementations -- ideally from what's learned in forum and dev-list conversations.

I'll see if I have some snippets lying around that might make good candidates for those.

Thanks much,

Just as a minor suggestion (or maybe it's really a question) to go along with this - could the UVA Omeka plugins be listed on the main plugins page ( as well? That would make them much easier to find. Individually they're in the codex but AFAIK only linked there via

Agreed. We had some conversation about this in CHNM this morning, and updating the plugins and themes list is now at a top priority.