Pleased to find omeka!

I was a contributor on a website that dealt with keeping track of the remaining square meter class of sailboats in North America and collecting historical documents about the boats.
I am a bit of a hack when it comes to websites. So I have decided to use word press to create a magazine themed website and allow a group of enthusiasts to submit stories and allow everyone else to make comments. I was happy to find omeka and my intention is to install it in the word press directory and tailor it to look like the magazine. I am excited because omeka will allow us to collect documents from Sweden where the boats originated. My question is this. I intend to use Bluehost to host wordpress and omeka. Has anyone else used Bluehost? Are they a good provider?

Bluehost is listed here as a possible web host:

It should be fine, though I've personally never used them before.

Just to chime in: I use Bluehost and to host two omeka sites and a wordpress site and have had no problems at all. I think you should be fine.