Planned release date for 2.X version of OAI-PMH Repository plugin

Hi Folks,

Just downloaded 2.0.2 on our test server for a play - loving the responsive themes, great work!

Just wondering if there is a roadmap for release of 2.x plugins? I'm particularly interested in the Contribution and OAI-PMH Repository plugins before I consider going live with this version.

Keep up the amazing work!



These two should be available in early to mid-May.

Hi Sheila,

These updated plug-ins for OAI-PMH are avaliable for download? I need to migrate repository made ​​with Omeka, but these plug-ins does not work in version 2.

Thanks for your attention,

Divino Ignácio Ribeiro Júnior

Hopefully they'll be ready within a few weeks.

In the meantime, you can download the development versions from github



Hi Patrick,

Grateful for the information. I will wait for the final version to use plug-ins.

Divino Ignacio.

These plugins are used for version omeka-2.0.3?

These plugins are used for version omeka-2.0.3?

Hector Ulloque R.