Placing an image within an input field

Is it possible to place an image tag within an input field (with html checked)? I want to include a related image with a text description in a Dublin Core metadata field. If not, how can I include an image?

It's not possible to insert an image from a metadata field. If you want to include an image, you can upload it from the files tab.

It's not the main image, Sheila. It's a support image. That being said, if I still should upload the image in the files tab, how do I display that image within the text generated by a particular metadata field (and how can I still the image/text relationship)?

In my parenthetical statement above I meant to say: how can I STYLE the image/text relationship.

You'll want to play around with the items/show page a little and the CSS. You can have more than one image on a page, and they can be displayed in different ways.

This helper function is a good place to start: