PHP 5.3

Hello all,

I have or rather had an Omeka instance running on a VPS. I had requested an upgrade to PHP 5.3 on that server, and now, I get lots of HTTP 500 Internal Server Errors with my Omeka instance.

I've been running Omeka 1.1. Is Omeka OK with PHP 5.3? My sysadmin claims that it prefers PHP 5.2 and found segmentation faults associated with it.

Do I need to roll back to PHP 5.2?


BTW. The HTTP 500 errors happen with certain GET requests, but not all. Something to do with the router?

These work:

but these do NOT work:

As of version 1.1, Omeka supports PHP 5.3, and it and subsequent Omeka versions have been extensively tested against PHP 5.3.

Omeka 1.1 is now two versions out-of-date, so my first suggestion would be to upgrade your copy of Omeka.

From looking at the links you posted, it looks like you've switched back to PHP 5.2?