PDF Text

Unable to install 'PDF Text' plugin. I click on Install and nothing happens. Yes, I read this: http://omeka.org/codex/Plugins/PdfText

Have you tried uninstalling (not with the button, but deleting the PdfText folder) and then adding it back in? Are there other plugins running which might be interfering?

Yes, I tried uninstalling. Also, turned off all other plugins. I will continue to play with it. Thanks.

Did you download from the Add-Ons page or pull from GitHub? (Asking so I can try to duplicate)

Add-Ons page

Also, does not work on 3 of my servers.

I tried, and had the same issue (reload with no change to plugin when the install button is clicked) but I also got this: "The following error occurred while installing the PdfText plugin: The pdftotext command-line utility is not installed. pdftotext must be installed to install this plugin." Do you see that?

Nope, where can I get the pdftotext command-line utility?