PDF files display 404 Error. Route shows as /items/show/item-number is not valid

PDF files display 404 Error. Route shows as /items/show/'item-number' is not valid.

The route works for JPG images but will not work for PDF files or TIFF images.

I have the following plugins and themes installed:

-Catalog Search
-CSV Import
-Docs Viewer
-Exhibit Builder
-Item Order
-Library of Congress Subject Headings
-LC Suggest
-OAI-PMH Repository
-PDF Text
-Simple Pages

-Thanks, Roy
-Omeka Foundation
-Seasons (Current Theme)

Any assistance would be appreciated!


I'm not sure what you're saying works and what doesn't work. Is there a 404 on items/show pages, or files/show pages? The files on a particular item shouldn't have anything to do with whether or not you can go to the page.

John - Thanks for your quick response!

I've put together a test collection to demonstrate what I've run into.

Here is the Test Collection. It has a single PDF, TIFF, and JPG image in the collection.

When a user click on either the PDF or TIFF item they are directed to the 404 page. However the JPEG item works fine.


Any suggestions?


I'm a little baffled by that one.

Can you try turning on error display and setting debug.exceptions to true in your application/config/config.ini?

That should change the generic 404 pages into some thing that shows a little more detail about what's happening.

Okay you should see what you need.


It's amazing what reading a couple error lines will reveal. It seems the Doc View plugin is the cause of the issue. After deactivating it the site works as expected.

I think we will re-evaluate the Doc Viewer plugin.

Again thanks for your help John!

Can you post the error?

The Docs Viewer shouldn't be causing a 404 for an entire page. If it is, that's a bug and it would help to know the details.

I don't think it's a bug - We recently migrated to Omeka 2.0 from 1.x (Not 100% sure which version we were running).

I went ahead and downloaded a fresh copy of the Doc Viewer plugin, uninstalled and removed the files from the old Doc Viewer plugin, and then uploaded and installed the fresh copy of the Docs Viewer plugin. This has resolved the problem and the plugin works great!

If I find more on this issue I'll be sure to include the error in my future posts.