PDF Embed question - not embedded in file pages

I am using PDF Embed to embed pdfs into my pages. I *think* I need to somehow "turn off" embedded files on the file pages. I am using Berlin (Omeka 2.2.2 - I am going to upgrade over the winter break)
I tried using files_for_item in show.php but that didn't seem to work (the PDF Embed is still displaying). Suggestions?

So, where do you want PDF Embed to actually do the embeds, and where do you want it not to?

PDF Embed, basically, will do the embed anywhere that file_markup or files_for_item is being used. That generally means on files show pages, inside exhibits, and on items show pages if the theme isn't using the "file gallery" display setting.

I scoured my show.php file and I'm not calling to file_markup OR files_for_item 2x in the item's show.php. I am usingopenzoom layers, so perhaps, that is it?

The embed shows up 2 x - once at the top (which is where I want the files to show up as embeds) and then at the bottom also - so on the show. php page.
Basically, I can't find a way to override the display of the file at the bottom of my item's show.php. I can either remove that bit of script entirely or well... files_for_items just seems to show the embed. What I'd like is for the Files section to just display a link to the file name. (I can explain the download part around it via text)

In other words, I want one embed and then one link to the file name to make it easier to download. I have multiple file types and I'm using the OpenZoom for images (as mentioned) and BookReader for our scrapbooks. I have tried activating/deactivating each to see what is causing the dual embed in the show. php and it seems to be PDF Embed. Perhaps, I need to look at elsewhere.

ok, I found what is happening - I just missed it. Also, I don't actually need to call to the files for an item - I have that :-)