Path Configuration

Hi i got a sub-domain setup and the way that sub-domain works is through the htaccess. It defines a folder to turn that into a sub-domain.

However, what should be like this:

is turning into

With wordpress, i can fix it through its admin panel, with joomla, its in the configuration file..

What about omeka?

Setting the RewriteBase manually in Omeka's .htaccess might fix this problem:

RewriteBase /

(that's assuming Omeka is in the root of your subdomain dir)

If that doesn't work, we might need some more details about what works, what doesn't, and when the URL changes to have those extra folders.

Thanks john for replying. I tried that method and it worked for the front end.

For the admin panel

When i enter:

it turns into:

There is no htaccess in the admin folder but i did add a htaccess in the admin folder and tried the rewritebase / but it didnt work.

Any ideas for the admin panel?

Ah, sorry, I left that out.

If the earlier RewriteBase instruction worked, then you'd want to use:

RewriteBase /admin/

in the admin directory's .htaccess.

Sorry john :( not working.

Anymore ideas?

Whoops, that last post was wrong, you shouldn't need an htaccess in the admin directory (Omeka used to have one there, but the last several versions have combined the admin and main htaccess files).

So, with RewriteBase / in the root .htaccess, you're saying that the front-end site and links work correctly, but the admin-side doesn't? Aside from the URL changing, does the site not work, or is that the only problem?

That same RewriteBase directive should work for both the admin and public sides, since the rewrite rules for both are contained in the same file.