Password Protection Plug-In

Hello! I am in the process of building our library's Omeka page, and I was hoping to make a certain exhibit on the page password protected so only a few people had access to that section of the site. Is there a specific plug-in I can download for this, or do I have to make my own? How do I do this on a basic plan?


P.S. I have seen that another library has accomplished a similar thing using a custom-built plug-in: can I do something similar here, and if so, how?

Hi there, do you recall which library used this custom plug in? I'm interested in this too. An archive that I'm working on includes culturally sensitive information.

Honestly, I was working on this so long ago that I completely forgot! I don't remember what that library was, and we have since gone with another site for displaying that exhibit on a password-protected basis. It was a photo gallery so we went with SmugMug; while it wasn't free, it did allow us to attach a password to the galleries so only those with access could look at them.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. Good luck!


I would be interested in this as well.

There might be a quick solution, depending -- as always -- on the details.

Could everyone interested in this post up as many details as you can think of about the requirements?


I would like to be able to password protect individual items within a collection. For example, we are working with some local newspapers to digitize articles written about my institution. I believe that we will be given permission IF we can control access to viewing by our faculty/staff/ students (password would work). We have copies of the actual materials in the library. So, if you're not affiliated, you would be able to view the record, but would have to come into the building to see the actual material. So, I don't envision a need to have separate logins for each of those users (good grief, no), just a password. So, I'd add a metadata field for access rights which would display to the publc and then on the public page there would be a button (or link) to click on to access the file. The button would pop up a box to input the password. On the admin side for an item record, a box to tick for password. The plugin would also include a place to create the password. Fairly simple, I would think. I'm thinking about how I used httpasswd years ago to password my resume. Yeah, I know it can be worked around, but for the purposes of what we're doing, something like that would suffice. If I had more time with my Omeka project, I really would get involved in helping build modules, but honestly, I will not have time before my position ends because of a lack of grant funding. (we're talking about what happens after my job ends - I think it will be mostly static). Anyhoos, neither here nor there, except it limits what I can develop.

Interesting! It sounds a little complicated without a login, though. The issue I see is how someone would see that an item exists, but is password protected. That means partial access to item data, but not full access. That's actually very complicated with the access system in Omeka.

It's a good idea, and follows trends that I see, but I don't think it'd be a simple thing to implement. Will ponder on it.

Thanks Patrick. My example is just one. I do think there would be others who would need a more straightforward all or nothing kind of approach (e.g., you can either see it all or you can't).