Pagination function


I would like my exhibit browse page display 6 exhibits in each page. Currently I have 13 exhibits total.

I used <div class="pagination"><?php echo pagination_links($options = array('per_page'=>6)); ?>
but that still does not work and the first page display 10 exhibits.
However the pagination link display 1 2 3 instead of 1 2 when I had the code as
<div class="pagination"><?php echo pagination_links(); ?>


Overriding the "per page" in the pagination link function doesn't change the actual number of items/exhibits/whatever displayed on the page.

The ExhibitsController for the Exhibit Builder is what determines how many exhibits show up on each browse page.

Than John for answer my question and sorry for cross posting I forget about that.

So is there a way to change the number of exhibits listed in _browseRecordsPerPage without change the code in the ExhibitController?

The controller's the only place to change that setting.

The pagination_links option is really just to account for pages that might not automatically set up the page and per_page options correctly, so you're allowed to set them manually to make the links work correctly.

A forthcoming change to the Exhibit Builder will make it respond to the page limits from the site settings, though.