Paginating items in collections#show view

Hello, my question in brief is, how can one create and display pagination links in the collections#show view?

The longer version: I'm getting started with Omeka, and am looking to paginate the items within the show method of the collections controller, but seem to be overlooking something. (I hope this is the right place to write with a query!)

I manually set the results per page in the admin view to 20. After doing so, there were only 20 records displayed on the collections#show page, as expected. However, the collections#show url doesn't contain any pagination params, and manually adding them doesn't seem to alter the records returned or displayed. Also, my call to <?php echo pagination_links($options = array()); ?> in collections#show didn't display any pagination elements in the view.

After sifting through the Omeka codebase a little, it seemed like the browseAction() function in the AbstractActionController sets the pagination values in the ZendRegistry, but the showAction() in the AbstractActionController does not. On a whim, I tried manually setting some dummy values in the ZendRegistry from the collections#show view page (!), and was happy to see the pagination divs populated in the view.

How would your team recommend adding pagination to the collections#show view? In case you're curious, I'm working on the code base here: and have my development instance running here:

I would be very grateful for any assistance you can offer!

To actually do pagination there, you'd have to do basically what you're doing: alter the controller to do what the AbstractActionController does for browse pages.

In addition to setting the pagination data, you'd need to read the "page" param and pass it to the findBy call. That's the key part of actually getting the records themselves to paginate.

Thanks so much John! I thought this might be the way forward, but wasn't sure if I was missing some low hanging fruit, so thought it was worth asking. Thanks again for your reply, and for this great codebase.