Pages Not Showing on Exhibit

I am new to exhibits. I created an exhibit, but I am not able to see the item pages from the main exhibit page. Obviously, I have left out a link. What to I need to do to show the exhibit pages from the main page?

Thank You,


What version of Exhibit Builder are you using? 2.0 or 3.0

We are using 3.0.

You have your main page (the first one you create) and then your additional pages with items added. Are the pages (not the main page) private and you're looking at the exhibit from another browser (in which you are not logged in?)

No. The pages are public. They should show up when you click on the title, "Letters from the Caribbean":



Looking at the source code, the links to the pages are there, but something in your css is hiding them. I used inspect element and unchecked "display:none" on .exhibits.summar #exhibit-pages, style.css line 2885.

Thank you. That is helpful. I will check the css.