PageCaching - download or uninstall

hey all,

i'm in the process of upgrading omeka 1.3.2 to 1.5 and see that an old plugin, PageCaching, is registered in the db, yet not in the plugin directory. i cannot find the download on omeka.

1. how can i remove the db references properly?
2. or find the original plugin zip file?


You can find the old PageCaching plugin here.

You could also remove the PageCaching line from the plugins table in the db, which will cause Omeka to "forget" it was installed, but that might leave some options around.

thanks john,

unfortunately that link gives me a 403 forbidden error. is it possible to open it up for a day or two?

The link I posted was slightly wrong; it should be fixed now, try that link above again.

thanks john that worked!