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I searched the forum archives and couldn't find the answer to my question. I'm using the Berlin theme. Out of the box the theme doesn't have a HOME tab. To get to the original landing page from, say, Contact or About, one needs to click on the logo. Not everyone would know to do that. So I want to create a link to "home". I don't need an actual page, just a link. I created a page using Simple Pages plugin and inserted the url into the slug field. But that didn't give me what I want. Is there a way to create just a linked tab appears as part of #primary-nav?

The second part of this question is -- can I reorganize the page order? The Order field in Simple Pages doesn't seem to do it. I want the home tab to appear first. Thanks very much in advance.

Alex Kustanovich

Have you looked at the documentation on managing navigation? (this would also allow you to make a straight link in the nav)

Thanks very much. I'm embarrassed to say I'd never noticed the navigation tab on the appearance page.

I appreciate your response and link.


No problem - there's a lot to take in. Good luck!