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I have created a database and downloaded Omeka 2.0, which I installed in a directory called suitcase. The subdirectories are admin, application, files, install, plugins and themes. All of them have 755 permission on them. I cannot see the archives directory that you mention in the installation guide.
The lose files (that are not in the main directory):.htaccess and the others have 644 permission.

When I write the url that should lead to the install process, it says the page was not found. Check:
I believe the information on the db.ini file is correct.
Please advise what to do.

So, do you have a ".htaccess" file, or not? I'm not quite sure from your post whether or not you do.

This looks like a problem with mod_rewrite that could be caused by not having the .htaccess file in the proper place.

The "archive" directory would only be there in an upgrade install of Omeka. It's not supposed to be there on a fresh install; this sounds fine.

I do have an .htaccess file.

I have Wordpress at the root and Omeka in the suitcase directory. The Omeka .htaccess file is in the suitcase directory, while the wordpress.htaccess is outside with the other wordpress directories.

It's possible that your Wordpress .htaccess is interfering with Omeka's. Whatever the cause, Omeka's rewrite rules definitely aren't being used here like they should be.

You could temporarily move the Wordpress .htaccess out of the way (though that would probably break your Wordpress permalinks for that time), or move Omeka to a different place, but it looks like Wordpress is in your site's root, so that would be problematic.

It's possible, also, that the htaccess files are all in the right place, and your server simply doesn't have mod_rewrite enabled, or doesn't respect .htaccess files.

On the other hand, your Wordpress permalinks/fancy links seem to be working just fine, so I assume .htaccess and mod_rewrite do generally work on this server.

If the Omeka .htaccess is there, sitting in the right place, I'd guess a conflict with directives from the top-level .htaccess is the most likely.

f the Omeka .htaccess is there, sitting in the right place, I'd guess a conflict with directives from the top-level .htaccess is the most likely.

What is the correct place? In the suitcase directory, right? I cannot possibly have Omeka sitting directly at the root, in the same place as Wordpress, can I ?
How do I solve the conflict and what may have caused it?

Yes, the "right place" would be alongside the other Omeka files, in the suitcase directory in your case.

If this is a conflict (which I'm still not totally sure of), what to do would depend on what the top-level Wordpress .htacess is actually doing.

    what to do would depend on what the top-level Wordpress .htacess is actually doing.

How do I find out?
What are the other possibilities for failure install?

You'd just have to look at the contents of that other .htaccess.

Again, if you're willing to have short-term breakage of your top-level site, just temporarily renaming that top-level .htaccess to something else would be an easy way of confirming whether this is the problem.

If the Omeka site works fine when the Wordpress .htaccess is renamed to .nothtaccess, then you'll know that's the problem and you need to look further.

Thanks John..will have a go at your strategy and will be back in a sec :-)

Beauty...apparently it works but gives me a warning

Installation Warning

The following issues will not affect installation, but they may negatively affect the behavior of Omeka:'

"exif" module not loaded

Without the exif module loaded into PHP, Exif data cannot be automatically extracted from uploaded images.

Configure Your Site
* required field

So now, once I install it ..what do I do about the Wordpress .nothtaccess?


So, here's where you'd need to look into the contents of that file, to see what its doing that could be problematic for the Omeka install. Hopefully, it should be pretty easy to then come up with a directive that excludes the "suitcase" subdirectory from the problematic rules.

Wordpress and Omeka coexisting is a fairly common topic around here, but I don't remember many people reporting this kind of problem.

You could post the contents of the ".nothtaccess" and see if I, or some of the more Wordpress-y people who frequent the forums, can help you out.

All yours, baby :-)

# BEGIN WordPress
<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule . /index.php [L]

# END WordPress

Also..what about the exif warning? Do I install Omeka nevertheless?

Let's start with something really simple to see if that helps:

Put the Wordpress .htaccess back where it goes, then edit the Omeka .htaccess. Uncomment the RewriteBase line, and change it to this:

RewriteBase /suitcase/

That may be enough.

(The exif thing isn't a serious concern, it just limits somewhat the data you'd be able to pull out of jpegs and some other images that are uploaded. It won't otherwise affect the operation of the site.)

You are my hero tonight! Thanks a million for your patience guiding me through this!