Our Omeka Site and Thanks

Hi. We just put up our Omeka site and I wanted to thank John, Patrick, and the rest of the Omeka community for their great software and quick replies to my questions. Omeka provides a great framework out of the box, it is easy to modify and customize, and easy to backup and maintain. I made all the structural changes, our web guy did the style, and we had one archivist working with us. We released a collection of love letters and associated documents sent between Lyndon Johnson and Ladybird during the fall of 1934. We had around 10,000 unique visits over a 12 hour period. Again thanks, and if your ever in Austin we'd love to take you out to lunch and show you around the museum and archives. We started putting everything together around 1/18/2013 and finished 2/13. http://archives.lbjlibrary.org/

Very glad we could help. The site looks great! (And just in time for Valentine's Day!)