Organization's website vs. Omeka

I am working on getting an oral history project online and searchable, and the organization that I work with already has a website that is designed really nicely. So my question is: if I use Omeka to build the online exhibit of the oral histories, how well can it blend with the organization's website and be under their purview? Or will it seem like a completely different website?
Thanks for your tips and advice.

Hi brandib,

Omeka can blend easily, with the right HTML and CSS. Themes in Omeka are just HTML, CSS, and PHP. If you organization's website already a CSS file, and an established structure for its HTML markup, it should be fairly straight-forward to change an Omeka theme to use that HTML and CSS from the rest of your organizations site. This would be the case for a variety of other content management systems, too.

Try looking at the Getting Started with Themes documentation page to get started, if you haven't already. There are pages that explain some basics for creating your own theme, which should help as well.

Hi Jeremy,
Thanks so much for your reply! I will look at the "Getting Started with Themes" page, and talk with our IT people to see if we have a CSS file. I'm excited to try out Omeka because I think it would fit perfectly with what I am trying to do, and all of the samples of exhibits and projects that use it are very nice.
Thank you again!

Glad to help! If you have any specific questions about how our themes work after reading our documentation, feel free to post those to the forums. Good luck with your project!