Ordering a Collection

Two problems :

1. From the Public page selecting a collection by its title or thumbnail shows a single page as ordered using the 'Order Items in a Collection' whereas selecting 'View the items in <collectionname> lists the items only in the order they were entered - I cannot see why there would be different results, certainly from a user perspective this would be unfathomable

2. Related to this one cannot access all of the items in a sorted collection, only the first screen full. One then has to select 'View the items in <collectionname>' and the ordering is lost - so the oredering plugin cannot be used to view all of the items in a collection in the predetermined order, only the first few?

What versions of Omeka and ItemOrder (I assume you're using the Item Order plugin) are you using?

There was previously a bug with ItemOrder's ordering on the full view of a collection's items, but that bug should be fixed if you're using the latest ItemOrder and Omeka.

Hi John,

Thanks for your prompt reply, I am using Omeka 2.3 and Item Order 2.0.1

See my website oakridgecommunityarchives.org - School Collection as an example of the problem.

Why does display a collection produce different results if you select show items in collection rather than clicking on the title or thumbnail?

I've never used this plugin, but I took a look at the source and I think if you change if (isset($params['sort_field'])) to if (isset($_GET['sort_field'])) in ItemOrderPlugin.php (around Line 151) that might fix the browse items order.

I might be wrong, but I think if you use $params['sort_field'] that will always be set, but $_GET should only be set if someone clicks one of the sort links. Your sort link for date added will probably still indicate that it's being sorted by that field though, so you may want to remove that from the browse_sort_links function in the browse.php for collections.

It turns out that the fixed version was just sitting in the Item Order plugin's version control and hadn't been released.

Updating to the new Item Order version 2.0.2 should fix the problem.

Thanks for both your prompt help - I am away for a few days and will look at the fixes on my return and let you know how it goes!

I have not used ItemOrder Plugin, but using only the collection Tree. Why am getting only one page display while clicking on the collection under collection Tree. Otherwise, clicking on collections page give around 20 page result.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Sorry I have posted under a wrong thread. but the issue is somehow connected to this thread.

The '/collections/show/' coding does not give a browse through multi-pages option (selecting Page Nos to show items in the collection) as in browse collection. Shall I post my question in a new thread too?


I'm running into this issue (Item Order not applying its sort on the items/browse page) while using Item Order 2.0.2; is the plugin up on GitHub somewhere I can pull the latest changes? I made the changes that danharlibrary suggested, and that took care of it, but I'd rather be using the main release of the plugin.


GitHub repo is at https://github.com/omeka/plugin-ItemOrder

Looks like we should do a release with the latest. Thanks for the nudge.