order of items in browse and collections

I'm completely new to Omeka and have very little coding knowledge but am struggling with an issue...All of my items are named numerically and when they are presented, either by browsing the collection or by tag, I need them to be presented in ascending order depending on their file name (it seems like right now they are presented randomly or by file size??). Is there a simple way to do this? Any help would be much appreciated.

The default when browsing is to show the most recently added items first in descending order. There's no easy way to change this and I don't know of any themes that do this differently either. So if you really want the order to matter you need to add them to the system in that order.

There is a Sort Browse Results plugin but I don't know that it's been updated to work with the newer versions of Omeka.

Thanks for the fast response, though it's not good news. There are over 1500 items and they are all already uploaded. I've been brought into the project mid-way and we're up against a time-crunch (need it finished by the week after next!). Anyway, I couldn't find that plugin you're referring to, but am wondering how difficult it would be to upgrade it. Is that something any web developer can do, or does it have to be done by Omeka?

Sorry, I'm really grasping at straws here...!

Sort Browse Results I believe was on the page for plugins compatible with 0.10. From this page http://omeka.org/add-ons/plugins/ at the end of the first paragraph there's a link to it, but both it and the 0.9 page are currently blank, which has to be a glitch. The code is in the Add-Ons Subversion repository if you really want to give it a shot. https://addons.omeka.org/trac/browser/plugins/SortBrowseResults/trunk

A better option is probably to build an Exhibit. This would give you quite a bit of control over what pages look like and what items are on each page, and you could order them how you like. If you haven't looked at it much yet, take a look at the page layouts and theme options in the Exhibit Builder plugin.