Order of collections is not correct


I am using collection tree so that users can see and browse an outline of our collection. I have the custom navigation "Browse Collections | collections?sort_field=id" set so collections and sub-collections show in the order they are entered.

Out of 7 main collections, 4 are giving me trouble even though collections are being added the same way.

An example of what I am seeing would be:
1.0 Publications
-1.0 C Magazines
-1.0 D Pamphlets
-1.0 A Articles
-1.0 B Papers

Has anyone else had this problem? I am confused as to why over half of my collections are seeing this re-ordering while others display just fine. I would appreciate your help!

So I solved the order of the lettering in the hierarchy by selecting the "order collections alphabetically" option when configuring the Collection Tree plugin, but now there is another issue.

-1.1 (one.one)
-1.10 (one.ten)
-1.16 (one.sixteen)
-1.2 (one.two)

Any suggestions for how to address this? Thanks everyone.

The easiest way would be zero-prefixing the collection sub-numbers:


I'm not totally sure how Collection Tree sorts things, but I'm confident that would work.

That is going to work out great for now. Thank you so much!