Oral history examples in Omeka?

Are there any examples in Omeka that I can be pointed to where oral histories are featured? I was able to find The Bracero History Archive (http://braceroarchive.org/items) from the examples list on the Omeka website, but I'm striking out otherwise.

I'd really like to locate other examples where Omeka is used with oral history projects.

There are other sites that make oral histories available that you might be interested in seeing:

Braille SC: http://braillesc.org (see how they handle an oral history interview here: /archive/items/show/10)

Creating Holyoke: http://www.creatingholyoke.org/items/browse?type=4

Kentucky Alliance Oral History Project: http://exhibits.library.louisville.edu/omeka/kyalliance/interviews.html

Additionally, there are sites that have oral histories in their collections but aren't designated as oral history projects.

And, if you look for sites with the Contribution plugin installed, you will find many sites collecting first-person narratives in the same tradition as oral histories, but that aren't traditional oral histories.

Here are some examples:
Hurricane Digital Memory Bank: http://hurricanearchive.org
April 16 Archive: http://april16archive.org/
Women's Building, Doin' it in Public: https://wbexhibit.otis.edu/
Voices from the Lake: http://www.voicesforthelake.org/
Catawba River Docs: http://www.catawbariverdocs.com/
Centennial Memories, Bowling Green Univ: http://memories.bgsu.edu/cm10/