optimal memory limit setting for PHP with omeka 2.0?

our omeka development site crashes frequently ... the server administrator identifies the problem as a omeka memory leak. perhaps there is not enough memory allocated.
what should the memory limit of php be for optimal performance?

thank you so much.

PHP 5.3 has a fairly high limit by default, I think 128M. However, we do not yet require PHP 5.3, so we should work on lower limits. Generally I've seen it okay with 32 or 64.

Could you add what version of Omeka you are using, what version of PHP, and what the current memory limit is?

Version 5.3.3, 892MB ... Red Hat Linux ... Omeka: the latest version of 2.0

there are several other development sites running on the same server. we have another omeka site running on Ubuntu ... smaller set up ... no problems

I didn't send the error we were getting ... it looks like it might be associated with this:

The Apache APC cache.

There at least three different php supported sites running on this development server ... omeka, wordpress and some open source software.

Could the Omeka crash be caused by the 'overflow' of the APC cache?