OpenLayersZoom plugin and placement of the Hook?

The instructions and forum posts on using the Scripto plugin have gotten me through most of the details and problems of installation and configuration.

The one problem that I've really been caught on is changing out the default viewer in Scripto for the Open Layers viewer.

I've been following the instructions:

to install OpenLayersZoom. I've set up ImageMagick, files seem to be created in the files/zoom_tiles directory, and I can change the settings for the Scripto plugin.

But my very limited understanding of php seems to be failing me on how exactly to place the hook to get the new viewer to show on the transcription page. Can anyone point me to examples or additional directions that could help me work through this placement?

Many thanks.


The Scripto plugin integrates the OpenLayers javascript, so you don't need to install the OpenLayersZoom plugin, but just to select it in the config page of Scripto.


Daniel Berthereau
Infodoc & Knowledge management