Only 5 Items being shown on Collection page ( please, help!)

I'm stumped on why only 5 images are showing in a collection page, when the collection has over 30 images in it.

Thanks for any & all insight. A sample of the page I am referring to is at:

It'll require hacking in the core code, but if you go to /application/controllers/CollectionsController.php, around line 45, change

array('collection' => $this->view->collection->id), is_admin_theme() ? 10 : 5);

so that the current '5' fits how many items you want to show.

One thing to remember is that on those collections/show pages, the default view is a preview of the whole collections. "Items in the Carpentier vs. Dempsey Collection," for example, is both a heading and a link to a browse page containing all of the items in that collection.

Another option is to change the text of that link to be more descriptive if you'd like, which is in
application / views / scripts / collections / show.php

Thank you both so much, this is incredibly helpful!

Hi, I have similar problem...but I'm Ok just to display 5 items in this page, but I would like to sort by 'added date'. They have close to 100 item in each collection by now, but it keep displaying these 5 item only:

Thanks for your help ;)

That would be another similar modification at the same place. This should do the trick:

public function showAction()
        $this->view->items = $this->_helper->db->getTable('Item')->findBy(
            array('collection' => $this->view->collection->id,
                  'sort_field' => 'added',
                  'sort_dir'   => 'd'
                ) , is_admin_theme() ? 10 : 5);

As always when modifying core code, make a note of the change, as it will be overridden when you do an update to Omeka.

Thanks Patrick, you're the best ;)

I have been running in to the same issue, but I was hoping to solve it with pagination using the pagination_links() function. However, pagination_links() only works on mytheme/collections/browse.php, but not mytheme/collections/show.php.

Is there any way to paginate items on the collections/show.php template?

It would be ideal to avoid modifying core files. Thanks!

Indeed, not modifying core files would be ideal, so we did it for you in Omeka 2.3!

In this imminent version, the number of records shown will follow the same settings as in Appearance->Settings results per page.

Awesome. High fives for you guys.

If you haven't seen the announcement, Omeka 2.3 is available for download.