to Migration not working

We have been attempting to use the Omeka API import plug in to go from .net to .org however the tool has yet to transfer an actual file (only meta data) and only imported 23 of a 94 item exhibit's metadata. We desperately need help figuring out how to do this transfer because the rough time estimate is around 200 hours if we cannot.

Could you give a link to the .net site you are trying to import from? That'll let us try the import and hopefully dig up what's missing.

We are trying to transfer from multiple .net sites:

So far we have mainly worked with the top one which yielded the results above.

Thanks. This is super-helpful for us.

It's actually revealed some oddities in the metadata in the database that we weren't aware of, and that we'll need to address somehow.

Part of the solution will be for us to update the importer to work around those oddities.

I _hope_ that the workarounds will fix everything, though in the error logs I got it's possible that there's a second oddity with the file data.

I'll post again when we think we have an update to the plugin that addresses the issues.

I just posted up a new version of the import plugin that looks like it works around the issues we identified. Please update to that new version and see if it works better.

I've only looked at it against the Faribault Community data, since it looks like the other APIs haven't been turned on.