mime types

When attempting to add an file to an item in my site I'm receiving the error message:
"File Upload: The file 'abnh-godey-1857-12.xml' could not be ingested because it has a disallowed file extension (xml).
The file 'abnh-godey-1857-12.xml' could not be ingested because its media (MIME) type could not be detected."

In my own installation of Omeka I can add mime types. Is there a way to add, or to request to be added, mime types for xml, xsl, xhtml and html files in the site? (I'm trying to provide a copy of the tei-encoded originals alongside the pdf versions of the file.)

- Hope

P.S. Should we be asking questions here?

There is not a way in to add MIME types, because that poses security risks to the entire system. And XML files are not an allowed type in

If you have other questions about, we have a contact form in the Help section:

And, the same with HTML files. We will add the list of allowable types and extensions in the Help section.