and Back Ups

Does backup files we upload to it? If so, how often?

Also, do you recommend uploading working master copies onto your server (e.g. TIFF files)? Or do you recommend uploading TIFFs in reduced sizes? Or do you recommend uploading in JPG?

That info is in the Managing Websites and Accounts section:

All sites are backed up daily, but it is not possible for users to download those backups as files.

Image file type doesn't matter (tif vs jpg). On there is a 64mb file size limit for any single file, if that helps in your decision-making process.

All image files are resized using the ImageMagick program for display purposes, but the original files are still available. You can upload the master files but you don't need to.

If you have other questions you have about using specifically, please use the form on the site: