Omeka, XAMPP, and ImageMagick

Hi all. I have installed Omeka 2.2.2 on XAMPP. Under settings, it tells me to indicate the ImageMagick Directory Path.

Where should I install ImageMagick? Once installed, what would be the correct directory path?

Well, each of those questions really answers the other.

Omeka just wants to know the path where you installed ImageMagick, wherever that might be. The path you give Omeka should just be the path to the folder that contains convert.exe.

Hi John,

Thanks for your lightning fast response!

I have installed ImageMagick into c:/imagemagick, but when I put c:/imagemagick as the directory path, it doesn't pass the test. I'm not sure what could be we wrong, unless c:/ is not a good place to install it?

Hi Lydia,

are you sure that ImageMagick isn't working for you? I am also running on XAMPP and ImageMagick and can't pass the test either. ImageMagick works just fine though, even pulls thumbs off pdfs.

Which version of ImageMagick did you install? I had trouble running the latest version under XAMPP. Apache would always complain about missing dlls.


I installed it in c:\imagemagick and it works with XAMPP - but I think you'll need to use backslash and not forward slash.

But as bashulaojia says, the test will fail. In my install the test fails, but ImageMagick still actually works fine.