Omeka Upgrades

Hey all. I've been back and forth on the boards lately and have another question. This time, I'm curious about upgrading Omeka. I know from version .9 to .91 all that really had to be done was replace a few files. Is this going to be the case in future versions? The reason I ask is because I don't want to get too far along in something and not be able to upgrade Omeka because "x" change or "y" change has been made.

Any idea of how future upgrades will be dealt with?

Hi, the general process for upgrading will be the same as before. People who are upgrading will move their config files and archive directory from the old omeka to the new one and then run a script through the administrative backend to upgrade their database. That will be the extent of the upgrade for anyone who hasn't modified any of the PHP files in Omeka.

When you say "get too far along in something", do you mean changing the core of the application, or do you making extensions like themes or plugins? If you've changed any PHP files in Omeka's code base that aren't either plugins, themes, or configuration files, chances are that your changes won't work in the new version. It'd be best to make a list of all the things you've changed and then it will be easier to upgrade later.

Plugins and themes are a different story. I can say with certainty that the API for Omeka's themes and plugins in the next version will be changing considerably from the current 0.9 release branch, though we haven't finalized the changes yet. The changes in the API are necessary because we've made some pretty fundamental changes to Omeka's database, and the old themes won't work with the new database. That said, we'll be upgrading all the themes and plugins that we've released to work with the new system, so we'll most likely have instructions on our codex as well as answering specific questions on the forums.

Hope that helps!

Hi, is there any step by step guide to migrate the data due to using omeka 1.0 and want to upgrade to omeka 1.1. When you said move "config files", "archive directory" and "running script to upgrade database"...are that the only process involve for really new on this..omeka makes me motivated to learn all the php, mysql, ubuntu and other related thing to it...tq

haslant, there is a good guide to Upgrading at

Just tonight I upgraded from 0.10 to 1.1 and didn't have any problems.

Hi, thanks for the guide. But, FYI my effort to follow the instruction was unsuccessful. The previous omeka was crashed..Then I installed a new one and started to reinput objects.

And again now, I want to migrate my existing omeka (v.1.1) to a new server. But I'm scared of losing the data and images again. I need a step by step guide of doing it if possible. I did follow this instruction ( :

"Copy the following files and directories from your old Omeka folder to the corresponding location in your new Omeka installation:
db.ini (in version 0.9, this was located in application/config/db.ini; since version 0.10 this has been relocated to the root of your installation.)
any other files you have personally modified (be careful with this, as the original file may have been changed in newer versions)."

(I was unable to copy db.ini files, but the rest were ok)

In the current server,I use MySQL Administrator to backup my data. I just cannot get, what are other necessary steps to do safe migration for novice like me.

So you want to know how to move your Omeka 1.1 installation from one server to another server?

All you have to do is:
1. Copy the database to the new server. (If you're using phpMyAdmin you can export your database).
2. Copy the root omeka directory to the new server.
3. On the new server, make sure the file permissions for the archive directory are the same as the old server (Omeka needs to be able to read and write to the archive directory and its subfolders).
4. Make sure the db.ini file uses the correct database and password for the new server.

In general, you can backup your files and your database before doing the migration.

Let me know if this helps.

wanderingwill, thanks for the guide. I've managed to do as in the instruction...It was for the first time I've successfully restore the mysql data backup. Never tried before..Everything that I need was only confidence to try new things..FYI the migrated omeka is doing well in the new machine though some new issues arised..

Great, I'm glad it seems to work.