Omeka / Ubuntu / VMWare (Win or Mac)

I've created a fairly detailed document explaining how to install Omeka in a VMWare virtual machine running Ubuntu Linux on Mac (VMWare Fusion) and Windows (VMWare server and workstation) desktop platforms. This is useful for demo/development/checkout/ and classroom instruction. It may also help with installation procedures on a standalone Ubuntu server. The document is available at If you have questions or comments, let me know. If there is demand, I could also provide a downloadable pre-configured virtual machine. We're using this and other virtualized digital repository applications in our Advanced Digital Collections course for the University of Arizona's Digital Information Management Certificate program (, which, by the way, is also partially funded by IMLS.

Hi brucefulton,

This is so great. We also will be very interested in feedback from your class on their Omeka experiences.

Do you mind if we post this on our Codex?


Be my guest!

By the way, it looks like the link above includes the period at the end of the sentence. If you get a file not found, just backspace over the period or try this:

Thanks, Bruce.


The link to the pdf doesn't seem to be working any more. Any ideas?


Much of the UA infrastructure was down this am due to storms and power outages. Everything should be back up now.

Thanks Bruce, all seems to be working fine now...hope you escape the storms!


If you could provide a pre-configured Ubuntu VM with Omeka, I think that would really go a long way to get a lot of people started. The thing is, as a Mac user, I'd be cutoff because there is no free vmware player (although they exist for Windows and Linux). You could maybe also release a pre-configured VirtualBox VM, as it is free in all 3 platforms, if you have the spare time or know someone that does.

Well, vmware fusion is definitely low-cost at $40 now with rebates or $40 outright with academic discount. But, I do get your point. The U of AZ School of Information Resources and Library Science (my institution) has just been awarded a major IMLS research grant (see and part of that involves dissemination. I'll be posting at least a couple preconfigured VMs after this fall's advanced digital collection classes conclude (I want to see what we run into to make sure the images are solid). And although I haven't tried them yet, there are some posts on the net that discuss how to convert a vmware image to virtual box. So, I think this will come together over the next few months. I'll post back anything related to Omeka here.

Thanks, Bruce. That sounds fantastic. Congratulations on your IMLS grant. Please let us know (online or off) if there's anything we can do to help.

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Thanks, Bruce. I look forward to the VMs.

The installation document at has been updated to reflect the new version and to harmonize the installation parameters with other projects we are developing. This document explains how to configure Omeka in a VMWare virtual machine from scratch using VMWare Workstation, Server or Fusion for the Mac.

I have also posted a fully-configured virtual machine loaded with the 0.10beta software at that is compatible with VMWare Workstation (30day eval available), Server (free), Player (free), ESX (free, sort of) and Fusion for the Mac (30day eval available).

This is a large file (1.2GB+) so expect from one to several hours download time depending on your connection.

The readme for the fully configured VM may be previewed at for further information.

If you have questions or problems, let me know.

Bruce Fulton, digital projects librarian
UA School of Information Resources and Library Science

This is fantastic, Bruce. Thanks so much for updating and sharing it with everyone.

Your Omeka-powered exhibits are looking fantastic too!


Omeka 1.3.1 virtual appliances for both VMware and VirtualBox are available at They are preconfigured based on an ISO derived from a TKLPatch (by Sabre Goldman) of TurnKey Linux's LAMP appliance based on Lucid. Be sure to see the credentials as well as the virtual appliance downloads.

Also available: Sabre's TKLPatch and the preconfigured ISO (LAMP over Lucid) derived from the patch. (The virtual appliances are derived from the ISO.)