Omeka Tweeker needed for help with dissertation project

I need an Omeka-Tweeker for my dissertation website. I'm writing (constructing) my EdD thesis using Omeka (with a Wordpress blog on the side) and it needs some spit and polish. At the moment it's serviceable but the CSS is dodgy in places. It needs tidying up and made more presentable - fonts, navigation tabs, styles, etc. I'm a CSS newbie and struggling with reconciling what I have in my head with what appears on the (web)page.

There's also a couple of plugins on my wish-list (such as 'related tags') but getting my site looking better is of higher priority. Form over function and all that.

I have a student budget, but the exchange rate is smiling in this Aussie's favour atm! :)

Bump! :)

Still after someone to help me out. I'm on a student budget but very much at the "I just want to finish and move on with my life" stage!

Hello pcoutas. I have sent you a private email.

Bumped again!