Omeka to Open Linked Data

I just wanted to know if there's any plugin that allow the to convert Omeka items in Open linked Data.

Otherwise what's the best way to export Omeka items to RDF?


The dublin core metadata for items is available by adding ?output=dc-rdf to any items show page and to the items browse page

do you mean adding ?output=dc-rdf to the URL?

yep. exactly!

I've tried this already but this is what I get

Omeka has encountered an error

Context "dc-rdf" does not exist

Ah...sorry. my bad. The dc-rdf output is supplied by the Dublin Core Extended plugin

So if I install the plugin I might be able to get the DC metadata by adding ?output=dc-rdf ?


And then?

Can you please be more specific on how we can share our collection as LOD?

Once the plugin is installed, the DC metadata will be available in RDF/XML, so it could be consumed by whatever LoD tools are out there. From the Omeka side, that's pretty much all there is -- the data is exposed, and so it will be shared with whomever out there wants to consume it.

It's only 4 of the 5 stars (and people could quibble about the URIs), but it's available.

Is there something else about sharing as LOD that you have in mind, though?

Thanks for the explanation Patrick.

For the moment, we are only looking to make our datas available for anyone.

I'm having a look at the available tools. Do I need to set up a Triple store?

You won't need a triplestore unless you are planning to consume the data and mix it with other LoD sets, or unless you want to create a SPARQL endpoint. But for now, yep, the data is out there in the world! Hopefully others who already have a triplestore will consume the data, look for interesting things, and even better point us to ways we can improve the data. (I have a lot of thoughts about that!)

We are not looking to mix our data with other LOD for the moment. So you are right.

Otherwise, how to export our data in RDF? Like I want to have in the output an RDF file that contains our collection. Is that possible through Omeka?

What is output is a valid RDF file, though it only contains information about the items. It also followed the settings in Appearance->Settings about how many results to display per page.

That means that, if you have many items, you would have to break it into a series of requests then combine them together:



I just changed the number of showed items per page in the settings and I've got all the items in one page. It worked :)