OMEKA Suddenly Rendered Inoperative

So, relative OMEKA newbies, we upgraded to 2.0 back in July and all has been working normally, up until recently. The last users to enter new items was around August 18, and the last time someone viewed our public site was several weeks ago but today it was reported to us that all the public sees now is the OMEKA page displaying the button links to the admin interface and the public site both of which do not navigate anywhere now. Server admin claims mod_rewrite is loaded on our Apache server. I can raise the "mod_rewrite is not enabled" error if I navigate to Not sure if this is related. This was working peachy keen right up to the point in the past several weeks where something has either changed or failed. Anyone see this before? Would GREATLY appreciate any insights. Thanks one and all!

I can't replicate the issue in either Firefox or Chrome. Are you able to access /admin?