Omeka Storage Adapter in plugin


I'm thinking about storage adapter for some web service e.g. picasa. I know I can do it similar like ZendS3 adapter and put file with new class to application/libraries/Omeka/Storage/Adapter directory and update configuration application/config/config.ini.

But I want to make it in pure omeka plugin. So I'm looking for clean way to create this plugin. I want to have possibility to turn on/off this functionality instantly when I enable or disable whole plugin and I don't want to configure config.ini or copy my class to Adapter directory in this time.

I'm thinking about make a link "ln PicasaWeb.php application/libraries/Omeka/Storage/Adapter/PicasaWeb.php" in installation hook and delete this link in uninstallation hook. But I don't know how to configure application/config/config.ini in clean way. I can only do some dirty text processing in plugin hooks :)

Is it possible to do it clean?

Thank you

I've responded to your original thread on the mailing list, so I'm closing this one.