Omeka-specific documentation for Html5Media plugin

I'm running Omeka 1.5 and just enabled the Html5Media plugin. I created a test item with a small .mp3 file attached. I don't see any changes on item entry or item maintenance that indicate Html5Media is installed. Should there be any new fields or entries in dropdowns? The mp3 plays properly on the public side. I'm wondering what the use-case is for this plugin in Omeka. How do you expect Omeka developers to use it? Is there specific Omeka documentation for this plugin? Failing that are there any examples of this plugin being used that I could look at?

Maury Bouchard
Simmons College - GSLIS

All the HTML5 Media plugin should do is alter the actual player that Omeka creates for files.

Omeka will normally try to use QuickTime to put things like MP3 files or videos on a page. With the HTML5 Media plugin activated, that player is replaced by the MediaElement.js player.

At present, all an administrator does with the HTML5 Media plugin is install it, and audio/video files will be displayed with HTML5. I'll look at making this more clear.