Omeka site unavailable - Omeka_Plugin_Abstract error

Our Omeka site currently returns blank pages for /admin and /omeka sites. Apache running. The only error being returned in the error_log is this: "PHP Fatal error: Class 'Omeka_Plugin_Abstract' not found in /hom
e/www/omeka/plugins/ImageResize/ImageResizePlugin.php on line 3" The file specified does exist. Can anyone explain to me how to fix this issue?

My first guess is a mismatch of Omeka and plugin versions. Image Resize only works in Omeka 1.5, so if you have Omeka 2 or higher that will break.

You are correct on the versions. That being the case, how do I correct the issue, keeping in mind that the admin web site is currently unavailable?

Should work to just delete the Image Resize plugin folder. Omeka will still be confused on the Plugins page and think there's a plugin there, but at least that would stop the fatal(ity) error.

If you dig into the database, you could also remove it from the plugins table.

That worked. Thank you for your time and responses!