omeka-scripto developer needed (UK)

I have a Omeka site with Scripto plugin for transcribing historic documents, but it has a few bugs that need ironing out.

I have a small grant to pay a developer to do this. It should only be a small job. Please let me know if you can do this, or recommend someone who can.


Can you outline what it is you need doing? We are currently modifying Scripto and may save you some time.


The bugs are mainly with zooming and loading images. I'm using the University of Illinois forked plugin of Scripto, and when I use their recommended theme, Scribe, Openlayers doesn't work. I would like the omeka default image viewer to allow zooming.

I also need someone to investigate why my site is really slow to load. It's

It would be great if the standard version of Scripto could include some of the features of the UI forked plugin, particularly showing 'percentage complete' on the item thumbnails. Also to have the transcription box side by side with the image rather than top down.

HI, we have already fixed most of those issues as well as adding the ability to create mediawiki account through Omeka.

Probably best if you email me and we can discuss further. Its pmc [at] llgc [dot] org [dot] uk

Obviously replacing the dots and at.