Omeka, Raspberry Pi, Offline Archive - Solving the slowness problem


I itend to use Omeka on a Raspberry Pi (Modell 3) as an offline archive. That is eventually the Pi wont have internet access. Omeka runs fine as long the Raspberry Pi is online, but it slows down dramatically as soon as it is offline.

I found in the forum two suggestions:

1) Set theme.useInternalAssets = true in config.ini
2) Comment out the calls to "Google fonts"

Hoewever this didn't do the trick. I'd appreciate any suggestions on where Omeka is trying to access some outside resources while running (and therefore slowing down when offline).

As of now I have figured ou that there are a few additional calls to // and the Zend framework is calling Are those crucial for Omeka to work or can I comment them out as well?

I'd be very happy for any suggestions and maybe even information on whether running Omeka in an offline environment might eventually work or not.

Thanks a lot in advance!

There shouldn't be any Zend traffic to Amazon unless you're using the S3 storage option, and in that case having an active connection is necessary.

Can you be specific about what the other calls are? It's possible we should be handling them differently, or could offer some better advice about whether you can disable them.