Omeka on Tomcat with Quercus - can it be done?

Yes, I realize this idea is most likely doomed to failure, but I was wondering of anyone else managed to make this work. So far my little experiment of trying to get Omeka 1.4 working with Tomcat 7.0 and Quercus 4.0 has not gone very well, but I don't think that it is completely impossible - at least on Tomcat, although Quercus might need to be swapped out with another PHP processor or some sort of JAVA/PHP bridge. My interest in this is because I'm looking to deploy a single Tomcat instance containing Fedora Core, Djatoka, Drupal and Omeka rather than using a mixed Apache/Tomcat setup.

The omeka-dev mailing list might be a better place for this question.

The dev list is a little more technically oriented than the forums, and there's a few list subscribers who'll probably be more knowledgeable about Java server and Tomcat issues.

For my part, I'm not familiar enough with Quercus to be able to say whether or not Omeka would work with it. One thing you'd have to handle differently in moving to Tomcat would be URL rewriting, but Omeka really doesn't rely specifically on Apache to do anything (it's just that the provided rewrite rules are written for Apache).