Omeka not showing images

Hi All, I'm running Omeka on a Suse 11 box, PHP Version 5.2.6, Apache/2.2.8.

I got Omeka installed, though I had to make one change in the .htaccess, and turn off zlib compression.

I can get in, add users and such, but when I try to add an item and click the final "Add Item" button it just returns a blank page to me. If I go looking around the site the images never appear on any of the pages.

I know the image is being uploaded since I can find it in archive/files, and Imagemagick must be doing it's thing since I see it's made thumbnails in archive/thumbnails.

If I look at the page source I can see:
<div id="item-images">


But notice there are know images. Any ideas what is wrong?

Never mind, I had to add the package php-exif to Suse.