Omeka not sending emails


My Omeka site has stopped sending emails. I tested this a while back and all was well. Emails had been getting sent for new contributions, lost passwords, contact form, etc. Now nothing.

I'm running Omeka 1.3

Any idea what I might do to fix this, even temporarily (student users need access soon so any kind of hack will do for now).



I just checked some other things to isolate the problem. My server is still sending outgoing email from other areas, such as our WordPress network; I de-activated and re-activated some plugins that use mail (MyOmeka, Simple Contact) to no effect.

Any thoughts on what I might check or edit?

Did anything on your server change in this time, like upgrades to system software? Omeka pretty much just uses the sendmail binary from your system to send mail (this is what the PHP mail() function does, so it should be essentially the same as what WordPress does).

The only obvious thing I'd check about your Omeka setup would be application/config/config.ini. There's an option in that file named mail.transport.type which should be set to "Sendmail" to get the normal mail-sending behavior.

Everything looks normal and nothing has changed that I'm aware of (we're on a commercial server, GoDaddy). I just upgraded Omeka but that didn't solve it.

Since the WordPress side of my site is working, I wonder if there could be anything causing interference in Omeka related to my theme or active plugins?

Any guesses on where else I might look?

Seems to have fixed itself... for now, at least.

It started working at the same time I received a bunch of new database errors, so my best guess is that the hosting company was doing something odd with the database server. Or something. Really, I have no idea.